Proven Expertise Powering, Smart Solutions in SAP EHS


Specification Management

More than an EHS database, Specification Management Systems set with correct authorization are powerful, data management tools that benefit and support teams doing wholly different things throughout the organization. Imagine a global, cross-functional database that supports full enterprise property-based management.

When integrated with material master, and equipped with our SAP enhancements, Specification Management can replace a host of redundant applications, such as those used for EHS, HIS, Quality Management, Packaging, Product Specifications and more. It gets even better. Once integrated with security, change management and SAP standard workflow management, specification management provides the highest security and most functional data configuration management.

  • Report generation and distribution, targeted as you need it, when and where you need it.
  • A powerful tool typically under-utilized that we put to work for you.

Product Safety

Throughout the life cycle of a product, from development to introduction to maturity, products change and product stewardship function need to be integrated at all points of the supply chain. From determination of chemical composition during ideation to packaging and delivery, SAP EHS Product Safety modules identify hazards with communication with internal and external customers.

Utilizing Standard SAP Product Safety , we facilitate a smooth process from authoring to generation to distribution of Safety data sheets. Once product stewardship team identifies substance level changes that triggers Product Safety modules helps to re-classify the product, and determine next steps in hazard communication including redistribution of SDS and decision for relabeling. Smart Product Stewardship enables rapid response by the product management team, ensuring compliance and regulatory status is ready for everything.

  • Product expansion into new markets.
  • Manufacturing in new plants or locations.
  • Changes in raw material source.
  • Changes in product packaging.
  • New transportation shipment modes.

Dangerous Goods Management

SAP EHS Dangerous Goods Management function is a powerful tool that monitors and then ensures Dangerous goods compliance through DG classification, checks and output. Classification rules provide the ability to classify products based on regional transportation regulations and identify hazard inducers, technical names, marine pollutants, and RQ hazard that need to be declared.

By product package type or mode of transport, SAP EHS Dangerous Good Management enables online checks for Dangerous Goods compliant, supported by the generation of information from different sources. Beyond standard DG checks, a framework that deliver more, providing business specific check functionality.

  • Review and release of critical DG information for each regulation and required update.
  • Special flags trigger supply chain checks and swift delivery of special HG instructions.
  • Master Data for different regional regulations and modes of transport.
  • Transport compliance checks integrated with SAP Sales and Distribution module.

Global Label Management

Complex supply chain, transportation and warehouse logistics no longer make labeling automation a dream and it’s nothing less than an operational breakthrough. Critical, because ensuring efficient manufacturing isn’t enough if when it’s time to ship the wrong labels are on products. With the GLM+ Solution, labeling is totally automated with content and graphics precisely as you want them.

GLM provides a single point for the integration of data from different sources, with EHS and SAP logistics content. The widest range of configuration and settles enables implementation on your terms; customer specific labels, private labels and brand name specific labels.

  • Region specific GHS and transportation templates from different SAP processes.
  • Fast, easy label generation.
  • Support for a wide range of bar code symbologies; Linear and 2D. Code 39, Code 128, EAN 128, PDF 417, QR Code, RFID and more.
  • High-speed printing means even if you need thousands and trucks are waiting, the SAP GLM. High-Volume printer can deliver them in a hurry.
  • Easily integrate and automate labels with GLM+


Substance Volume Tracking

Many organizations simply don’t know enough about the quantities of regulated substances in their organizations. The fact is that even within their own Supply Chain, the quantity produced, export and in-stock quantities are often unknown. With our comprehensive analysis of the supply chain process, we eliminate risk, replacing it with the essential information you need to know.

Information improving operational efficiency with greater understanding of the time and dollars spent. Getting a handle on large, prominent and often hazardous chemicals can’t happen with the limited information you’ll find on a spreadsheet, but efficient, automated and reliable SAP EHS Substance Tracking Solution provides end-to-end product composition-based tracking.

  • Configurable threshold limits and status updates.
  • Warning and error alerts when you approach them.
  • Proactive information to stay compliant.
  • The SVT module easily integrates with logistics module.
  • Block or unblock sales, delivery, shipment, production or procurement by volume, country-specific status, alerts, notifications and more

SAP EHSM Incident Management

With a new design and architecture, SAP EHSM 6.0 is a remarkable add-on to manage non-product safety incidents for things like emissions, product changes and compliance. NetWeaver-based EHSM 6.0 runs on SAP’s robust BOPF framework, and is well integrated with SAP workflows.

User interface and process workflow are in sync, giving end-users the feel of a smart consumer app. Plus, integration with Classic EHS, Material Master, HR, Plant Maintenance and Asset Management, takes this architecture to a higher standard: A truly remarkable user interface working with all SAP capabilities.

  • A collaborative platform for improved participation in incident reporting and near-miss reporting.
  • Step-by-step reporting ensures total information.
  • Immediate indication of the required next step.
  • Mobile-friendly for faster response on the go.
  • Comprehensive incident management capabilities.

SAP EHSM Product Compliance

When new regulations are enacted, or existing regulations changing on a nearly daily basis are updated, product compliance is a big challenge. Nowhere is this as evident as in the restriction of hazardous chemicals in products. REAH, SVHC, ROHs, WEEE and CHINA ROHS, for example, are continually adding new substances to their lists, but we help ensure your products are compliant.

SAP EHSM Product modules are integrated with the SAP Product Stewardship Network, combining in a collaborative platform to exchange information and regulatory content to proactively stay ahead. Campaign Management and IPC XML data transfer capability enables exchanging critical manufacturer declaration with your system and organization sooner, not later.

  • Automated processing and continuous monitoring from SAP EHSM for composition change.
  • Updated compliance status for products.
  • Integrated compliance checks as part of the logistics process.
  • Product compliance keeping you ahead.